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Rebekah is an extraordinary force of athleticism, displaying unwavering dedication and strength. However, she also possesses a profound understanding of the world’s darkness and finds inspiration in those who radiate light, spreading positivity and making a difference in the world.


Mindi, a model favorite among fans, was a consistent contender for Ms. Fitness Olympia until she transitioned to physique several years ago. With a background as a high-level competitive gymnast, she possesses a unique blend of athleticism, genetic gifts, and an unwavering drive to refine her physique. Over the years, Mindi has embraced various roles including show promotion, gym ownership, and serving as an incredible ambassador and positive influence in the world of bodybuilding.

ashley hromyak

Ashley proudly considers herself a Home Gym Muscle Expert, backed by her impressive track record as a professional athlete in IFBB Pro and NASM PBC. Her inherent strength and unwavering determination have been evident throughout her career, and her time in the US Army Airborne has only reinforced her exceptional resilience and fortitude.


Wendy Lindquist is a versatile athlete who excels in multiple disciplines, showcasing her strength and dedication as a bodybuilder, strongwoman competitor, powerlifter, Femsport Champ, and Ms. Terminator. Her accomplishments in various realms of strength sports highlight her exceptional talent and determination in pushing the boundaries of physical fitness.


Her chiseled physique, sculpted muscles, and remarkable dedication to her fitness journey have made her a role model for aspiring athletes. With her impeccable aesthetics and strength, Hailey inspires others to push their limits and embrace the power of a well-trained body.


Kacey Stefan is a strong blonde muscle model who effortlessly commands attention with their impressive physique, radiating power and confidence. Their sculpted muscles ripple with every movement, capturing the essence of strength and dedication.

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